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  • In the concrete metropolis of Thornhill, Ryder drives the business world.  Ryder Borden is on his way to becoming the richest Bar Mitzvah boy in the world. But who will help him share in all his success? He is looking for a few good people who will join him for an amazing celebration. One night only where it all comes together. Who will be, The Bar Mitzvah apprentice?

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  • Rachel Tulman's Dance & Fashion Shoot

    Rachel gives us a look inside her life of dance and love for fashion

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    Parodies and Tributes​

    These one of a kind custom videos for individuals and organizations, using popular culture and featuring original scripts, vintage pictures, home video, in-studio and location filming, special effects, animations, and more are the ultimate way to celebrate a person’s life or achievements.

    Aerial Footage

    Aerial cinematography is a spectacular way to deliver a bird's eye view of your event. There is nothing like drone footage to bring this unique perspective to your film.


    Having more than one camera allows for different angles of your event. Not only the main shot, but priceless reaction shots and B-roll that adds to the story, providing your production with a high-end look.

    Steadicam + Sliders

    Steadicam, sliders and jibs deliver smooth, steady shots for breathtaking cinematography.
    Our state of the art technology adds a high level of production to your event video.
    It is how Hollywood motion pictures are made.

    Picture Loops

    Picture loops are a wonderful addition to any celebration. Featuring pictures and video digitally scanned, corrected, with motion effects cycling in a continuous loop throughout the night.

    Studio Filming

    Dell Video Productions has its own in-house studio for small productions, interviews,
    green screening and more as well as on site editing facilities. We encourage you to make an appointment and meet our team of professionals.

    Live Eye

    Watch the fun as people see themselves on the big screen. A dedicated camera not only covers your event, but broadcasts it live to large screens or monitors around the room.

    Slow Motion Booth

    Your guest will have so much fun when they dance, laugh and mug in slow motion in a separate booth at your event. They can also leave you a private message which will be included in your final edited video.

    YouTube/Highlight Reel

    In addition to your full length video a highlight reel incorporating all the fun and magic of your event will be provided on social media. You can share a shortened version with friends and family around the block or around the world.

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  • About Our Company

    For over 30 years Dell Video Productions has created some of Toronto’s most memorable videos for the broadcast, corporate and event Industries.
    We blend a highly creative approach with state-of-the-art facilities, always striving to be at the forefront of innovation and imagination.


    Our background is in television and corporate video and we bring this experience to everything we do, including live event production.

    DVP has worked on hundreds of videos for some of Canada’s largest companies, but has also created one-of-a kind tribute videos, exciting wedding and mitzvah videos for a growing list of discerning clients. Our approach is always original with beautiful cinematography and editing. We work with the client to customize the coverage and using detailed notes, a varied sound track, music and visual effects bring it all together for a truly outstanding production. There are many packages ranging from simple and elegant to large and extensive. Our crews are experienced and professional. No matter how complex the event, they are discreet and almost invisible. Let us create a package that’s right for you. I invite you to explore this website and preview some of our work. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us using the forms below. Make sure you trust your memories to Dell Productions!


    - Jeff Dell

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